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5 myths about logo design that are commonly believed by the companies


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Much is said about the importance of a logo for a company. It is said that the logo is the face of the company as it represents the company in the industry. It is the first visual encounter of the customers with the company and its products and services. A Logo Design has the power to attract the customers into the business. It is an element of identity for the company.

Let us now see the most prevalent five myths about a logo design that is common amongst the companies that be solved:

  • A logo reflects the company:

It is commonly believed a logo should reflect what a company is all about. A logo is the form of identification for the company. Its primary purpose is to create the identity of the company in the market and let it stand out in the market. It is the weapon for each company to distinguish itself in the market from a bunch of competitors. It is a point of taking pride in the company as the company is known through its logo in the market.

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  • A symbol is a must:

It is commonly believed that a symbol is the essential element that should be included in the logo. But it's not the case. Any New Logo Design of any company can have the name written as a logo design. This is enough to create a brand image in the market. To include the symbol or not is the ultimate decision of the owners as per the requirements of their business.

  • A logo should be appealing to all age groups:

Companies design the logo that suits all the age group people to include them all in the promotional activities. They want to cater all the ages at the same time. This should not be the case actually. Companies should design their logo targeting a specific age group as per their products or services. Deciding your niche audience beforehand makes it easy for you to develop your products and services and then designing your logo specifically for the targeted audience and the products and services. Professional Custom Logo Design helps here as it is the customized feel in the logo.

  • A logo should be relevant to industry trends:

It is believed and even followed that a logo should be designed according to the ongoing trends in the industry to make it look relevant. When the companies take the assistance from Logo Design Services available in the market, they accurately describe their logo requirements to be according to the market trends. This is not at all mandatory to design your logo as per the on-going trends.

  • A logo needs to be timeless:

The company owners focus and emphasize on getting a timeless logo. It should go pace to pace with all the trends and passage of time. It's not the advisable thing to do. With the passage of time, logos need to be redesigned or modified. As per the changes in the taste and preferences of your customers, you need to modify your logo to keep attracting them into your business.

All the myths mentioned above are typical stereotypes that are blindly followed by the companies and what everybody ought to know about professional logo designing. Companies need to ponder very deeply before moving on to their logo designing stage. All these myths need to be removed to develop an error-free logo designing process. Custom Logo Design Companies should even bear this in mind to not to blindly follow these trends/myths.

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